International business activity

Currently, the implementation of a large number of infrastructure projects, associated with the construction of hydraulic structures, is planned in the Russian Federation. Over the past 15-20 years, just a few of such projects have been implemented; therefore there are only a few competent professional companies, presented at the market. Experience and competence are lost. Works are performed with the help of obsolete equipment without usage of modern advanced technology solutions. Almost all major projects in this industry are performed with the involvement of European engineering and construction companies, their equipment and technologies. Due to the current political and economic situation, these companies are leaving the market on a mass scale in a way that creates conditions for entrance to the market of new highly skilled players.

We are on our way to creation of complex of hydraulic construction services for a customer, which meet the country’s development prospects. The experience in construction has shown that large scale engineering solutions in cooperation with foreign partners can be efficiently implemented in construction field.

There are specialists in our company, who skillfully resolve many technical issues, deal with construction and safety of hydraulic structures and change general approach to hydraulic machinery in the Russian market.

In cooperation with foreign partners we are planning to raise the Russia’s hydraulic sector to a new level, which meets international standards.

We guarantee to our foreign partners:

  • minimum risk through provision of bank guarantees from European banks for payment of the executed works and transportation of machinery from Russian Federation;
  • transparency of mutual settlements and European level of contract relations;
  • mutual work based on European construction standards.

Our mission:

  • optimization of construction periods;
  • optimization of construction costs;
  • provision of high quality construction.