Фото 2

The need for dredging works execution during the construction of the 2-nd stage of Paradnaya promenade is confirmed

09 March 2016 an offsite meeting under the execution of dredging works during the construction of the stadium to FIFA World Cup in Kaliningrad has been held.

The meeting was attended by: Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad region Mr. Fedoseev, Deputy Chairman of the Kaliningrad region Government Mr. Rolbinov, Director of RUSKS Mr. Chernomaz. From IEC the meeting was attended by Mr. Zhuravlev, Mr. Smirnov, Mr. Boiko.

Duting the meeting the participants has examined the quay from board of the boat, identified areas in which is necessary to perform dredging.

As a result the inclusion of volumes of dredging works to the scope of works of the design documentation for construction of 2-nd stage of the embankment has been confirmed.