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The construction of Paradnaya promenade in Kaliningrad

May 24, 2016 the members of the government headed by the head of the region Nikolai Tsukanov and representatives of the construction company IEC have examined a small fragment of the future Pr. Veteranov promenade on Oktyabrskiy island.

In general, the Governor remained satisfied. It should be noted that the approved version is slightly different from the original draft. So, according to the government’s decision walking area has been significantly expanded by narrowing the «green part» and instead of concrete tile, has provided panels of granite. This increased the cost of the work, but natural stone has a much longer life.

«This is not the backyards, it is the city centre. Granite and marble can be bought in Iran, for example, or in China. It will come at the price of ceramic tiles almost» — said Tsukanov.

He also instructed to use the symbols of the 2018 World Cup when ordering heavy gratings and hatches to the end to determine the variety of trees that will be planted in the promenade.

Officials also discussed the embankment fence. As a result, it was decided to keep the granite supports for the parapet, however, set them at a distance of 25-30 meters from each other.

Pr. Veteranov embankment has to be connected with the promenade at the Fishing village. Currently its improvement and strengthening are performed. All works will be completed by 2018.