Design engineering

Design engineering is engineering and technical maintenance of new object creation, starting from pre-design working out up to designing and construction. Engineering service includes comprehensive analysis of the project concept, experts’ reports and consultations, development of alternative engineering and technological solutions, selection of optimal construction methods and equipment, performance of supervisor functions and putting of the object into operation. Engineering, among other things, provides support of the project coordination and review, permits obtaining, preparation of the acceptance committees.
Design engineering includes the following functions:

  • Development of investment and construction projects;
  • Legal examination of the projects;
  • Examination of the design solutions, development of alternative, construction and technological solutions;
  • Settlement and analysis of risks;
  • Execution of design specifications and estimates;
  • Data collection and integrated data processing in all stages of the project development with the use of geoinformation system and DBMS;
  • Engineering, hydrographic and topographic-geodesic support of construction;
  • Supervising functions at construction of civil and industrial objects (building supervision) performance of FIDIC Engineer functions in contracts of the Customer with the Contractors.