Dredging is a kind of excavation works produced under water at the bottom of the water basin for the purpose of creating or deepening the existing approach waterways to ports, construction of berths, bridges and other hydraulic structures, laying of underwater pipelines, and also for expanding and increasing of the depth of water basins.

For the execution of dredging works, IEC uses the modern high-tech dredging equipment. Backhoe dredgers, cutter-suction dredgers, suction hopper dredgers and other specialized technical fleet are used subject to provisions of performance of works.

When implementing the projects in the field of dredging, IEC organizes and carries out all complexes of works and activities, necessary for the execution of dredging works, including:

  • Performance of the functions of the general contractor;
  • Development of the detailed design documentation for the execution of dredging works;
  • Obtaining the permits for the disposal of soil, extracted while the execution of dredging works;
  • Consideration the period of work execution;
  • Execution of the direction for making water object available for use;
  • Receiving of the work permits for vessels under foreign flags and other permits and approvals;
  • Hydrographic assistance of dredging works;
  • Diver inspection of the bottom and inspection of the water area for the presence of explosive objects, its removal from the water area;
  • Acquisition and installation of the navigation support equipment;
  • Carrying out of environmental control and observation over the water object while the execution of dredging works;
  • Carrying out of activities under compensation of damages to marine living resources;
  • Compensation of environmental damages from the execution of dredging works.